Friday, May 21, 2010

Fancy Nancy Water Party!


Well it started out as a Fancy Nancy party and morphed into a water party.  It has rained for what seems like 40 days ans 40 nights here in St. Louis and last weekend was our friend Maura's 5th birthday party.  A Fancy Nancy Party, girls were to dress in the fancy party dresses and boys in pirate costumes.  We were ready but the rain would not stop but there was a pavilion and it was a go.

The boys donned the pirate hats, eye patches and earrings and we were off.

They had dessert first with cookies for the kids to decorate and then a little lunch

...and then the rain stopped, that is when the real fun began for my boys!


Jenn & Boys


Michelle aka Mommy said...

ha! that picture of abe sliding into the "pool" is AWESOME! that's an awesome slide, too. what park is that?

Jennifer R. said...

Brinkop Park it is in Shrewsbury