Friday, May 14, 2010

1st T-Ball Game

Well the first game was rained out although I can not say I was too upset about that since neither Brian or I could have made it.  We both had to work and had lined up my mom to take Abe.  Last week was the first week Abe got to play (this week is looking iffy too).  He had so much fun!  He got a hit fielded the ball with the helpful instruction of his Daddy and promptly had to go potty when he got to third base.  Jude however is not too fond of being on the sidelines, but once he discovered the fun of sticks and dirt all was right with the world.
Ready to practice with Daddy before the game, Jude needs some work on the placement of equipment!


Nice to see him having such a great time!

Everything is easier with Daddy's help.


Jude had some difficultly sitting on the sidelines until he started gathering sticks and writing in the dirt with them.

A great time was had by all!

Jenn & Boys

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