Friday, May 14, 2010

Batman Gourley turns 4!

Our friend Shanna throws the best parties!  She outdid herself again this time, Aidan was turning 4 and there was no question he would have a Batman party, after all he introduces himself as Batman Gourley!

Batman Gourley meeting his idol

We arrived and there were capes for all the kids, with their initial on them.  They made masks for themselves after lunch.  Batman himself arrived and all the guests were scared of him, except the birthday boy of course.  Abe said it was the best party ever!  They enjoyed their capes and masks so much that they wore them all day long through another party and I had to gently take Jude's off when he fell asleep, Abe wore his until 10:30 at night when he finally gave it up.


BJ was helping Abe "fly" thought the house ans yard at party #2

Waiting for the pinata

Super Abe signing out.

Jenn & Boys

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evie said...

i love the slightly off centered mask on abe in the last photo! classic!

the party looks like it was awesome! can't imagine any less from our crazy creative shanna!