Friday, April 30, 2010

Painting and Re-Painting!

Well our first attempt on making our house our own was a bust but the boys had a great time.  We realized after the fact that the color is too dark but for a few house Abe helped Brian and Jude got in on the action for a bit as well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Way to Becoming the next Albert Pujols (or Ryan Howard - for those Philly fans, the added bonus is her is from St. Louis!)

Well Monday was Abe's first practice.  We went a bit early so the kids could play a bit first.  They had a great time, well until Jude had to go to the sideline.  I am happy to report that not a tear was shed and Abe had a really good time, he even asked if he had T-Ball tomorrow.  What a drastic departure from the first soccer practice!  School had made him a changed boy.

Running, fielding and throwing.

Daddy watching on with pride!

Jude just kept stuffing dirt into the tee.

The ball is hit and they all swarm!


Having a catch with Daddy.

Jude was riding a stick he found by the playground, he wanted to take it home.

All in all it was a great Monday evening!

Jenn & boys

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Museum of Transportation - Free Weekend

Last weekend was the free weekend at the Museum of Transportation.  Oana, Keith and their boys Mateo & Nico and Michelle, Justin & their children Addison & Conner joined us.  Abe & Jude had a great time climbing in and out of all the trains, tracks, cars and boats.  The best thing is that it is just 5 minutes from our house.

Bubbe & Pop Pop will have to join us at the Museum of Transportation when they visit next!

Checking out the train with Daddy

Walking on the tracks.

Jude checking out the gift shop

Jude helping Daddy out.

Our "double stroller" :)

Justin took Abe, Addi, Jude and Conner on the train.  Brave man.

We all had a great time, next time we hope Nico will not wig out so soon and they can stay a bit longer.

Jenn & Boys

Backyard Fun!

Every since we moves the boys, especially Jude are in love with the back yard.  Jude kicks and screams every time we have to come inside.  Even Rudy has made friends with the two dogs next door.  IT is funny to see kids wander in the back yard all the time to play with the kids or if we are in front they will shout Abe & Jude's name to play.

Here are some pics of our backyard adventures:

Jenn & Boys