Monday, January 25, 2010

Science Center Here We Come!

Well as we near the end of our Science Center Membership (and it is smoking from all the use) we went to see the Planeterium with our friends Shanna, Aiden & Reese and we unexpectedly ran into our friend Erin with her kids, Maddoc, Kennedy, Hennessey, Lochlan, and Rafferty (Teaghan was at home).  We really never venture over there so we decided to see Mr Hubble's Universe (a movie made for older kids for sure) and take in the fun stuff on the bridge.  They had a great time playing with the Legos in the room at the movie and were exhausted when we left.  Thanks to our friends for a great day!  Hopefully we can get them to go see an IMAX movie this week with us.

Checking out the traffic below on the bridge

Look Abe the cars are going fast!

What a cutie!

Abe playing with Aiden & Reese

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Matt and Evie Stark said...

Looks like good times! Noah and I need to hit up the science center more often.

(this is the first time i've been able to comment on one of your posts...i've tried before to no avail. glad it worked this time!)