Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Fun!

Better late than never.  From Mid December to this past weekend it has been a crazy busy time for us.  Four holidays, 1 birthday, and a trip to Philly, PHEW.  I posted about Hanukkah and Jude's 2nd birthday.  Here is the lowdown on Christmas.  We went to my Uncle Charlie & Aunt Amy's house on Christmas Eve.  It was terrible weather.  It rained hard the whole way there (If it had been cold enough we would have been burried in snow).

The boys had a wonderful time playing with all their cousins.  We had a good time talking with all our Aunts, Uncles and older cousins.  Truth be told I can not wait until Abe and Jude a a bit older so I can really enjoy family parties again without tracking them and cleaning up their messes the whole time.

Christmas Day was fast a furiuos until abotu 11 am and then it became a very relaxing day.  We spent the night at my parents house (as we do every year) and Santa brings everything there.  Dawna and her family came over for a couple hours before going to Jon's family festivities.  All day the boys played with, and fought over their new toys.  Eight million toys and they still want to play with the same thing!  Finally we ate dinner with my parents (Thanks mom for making Brusaloni) and headed home. 

My grandparents looked elegant as usual

My parents and Tony had a good time.

Everyone in Dawna's family was healthy and happy

Our family picture did not turn out so well but here it is anyway.

Jude was festive

Abe was exhausted (This was him at 8AM!  I asked if he wanted to see what Santa brought and he replied  "I want to sleep Mommy") 

Dad got some new underwear (curtosy of BJ)        Dawna, Laurie & I spent some time together

All in all it was a great holiday, we missed our family that was not able to make it in (although we had another Christmas on Jan 2nd) and we espically missed Grandma & Grandpa Ferguson this year.  Somehow I do not think Christmas will ever be complete again, it will be fun because it can not help but be with all these amazing children running around but a large part is missing.  I love them and miss them so much!

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