Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This year for New Year's Eve we have a few friends over for some food and fun.  Shanna & Darryl Gorley and Justine Sweeney & Michelle Maul came over with their children.  6 adults and 6 kids.  The kids played with every toy in the closet and the basment, watched a couple movies and stayed up until after 1AM!  The parents starey up past 10PM!!!  YEAH!!!  Quite a feat over the past few years.  We had some great food, played Cranium and had a blast.  Shanna and Darryl had to act out milking a cow, Justin and Michelle hummed a few tunes and Brian and I were the masters at drawing and guessing our clues.  Sahnna & Darryl were victorious but I think a good time was had by all.

Michelle & Justin after some crazy question

Focus.  Shanna & Darryl get ready to rumble

Movie time

Aiden celebrates 2010

Addi & Abe doing some celebrating too.

The clock just before I put Abe & Addi to bed

Seconds after I put them to bed Abe was out like a light, Addi followed soon after.

Happy New Year Everyone! 
Here's to a great 2010!

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Michelle aka Mommy said...

ahhhhhh...i'm still pissed that justin couldn't hum "we are the champions"! GOD! (j/j...a little:)