Monday, June 21, 2010

The Week In Review

6/12/10 to 6/18/10

This week was a crappy one!  It started off great with Jude's 2 1/2 Birthday Party and ended great with a trip to visit my Uncle & Aunt in Chicago.  In the middle Brian and I were sick as dogs and I got a horrible toothache.

Happy Birthday Jude!

Make a wish!

Abe enjoyed his cupcake!

Played in Jude's new pool outside two afternoons in a row...

Brian kept spraying Jude with the hose, needless to say he did not like it!

Went to Nico's Birthday playgroup, where Abe wore his fireman costume the whole time...

Went to Chicago on Friday and visited Uncle Roger's firehouse..

They met Sparky, and Jude give him a five (Jude wore this costume the whole time)



A trip the boys will always remember!

Jenn & Boys

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evie said...

i really hope you are feeling better by now! that cake was amazing! i'm so sorry we had to leave before getting to try some.