Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Week In Review

Not such a crazy week this past week.  I had to work most evenings so on those weeks we just get by and Brian never takes pictures so when I work there is no record of their time together, but I digress :)

Well we went to my parent's house to borrow the truck and ended up leaving the kids there!  What a great help it was, they got to play with their cousins all day and drive my saintly mom crazy while Brian and I really got some things done.
Luca, Jude & Gino
5 of the 6 boys
Jude loved playing with Luca
Now this pair is TROUBLE!
Jude was trying to scare this toad off the wall at my parent's house.
We made cookies...
Every child should lick the beaters, to hell with salmonella!
We went to story time...

They just got the caterpillars in.
Jude having fun
Coloring their art projects
The finished project
We tried to go on the potty...

Belted Out God Bless America...

Went to a CRAZY busy Moms Like Me Playdate at Mid Rivers Mall...

So many people!
Making cookies
Decorating and eating them!
Getting ready to roll pretzels
Getting a little help
The finished product before baking
I kid you not this lady was in line to meet Dora the Explorer and she pulled out some balloons and a pump and started twisting balloon animals.  It is so funny!

Playing at the playground after.

All in all it was a very busy week but we had fun.

Jenn & Boys


evie said...

totally agree about licking the beaters!

i love your new blog background...it's so pretty!

Jennifer R. said...

Thanks Evie, I have just gotten the hang of changing them. Now if a certain friend (ahem, Michelle) would give me that photo shop tutorial:)