Friday, October 9, 2009

From happy to sad in a blink

Abe was so happy this morning, he wanted to come home from dropping Brian off to make a flag (no problem) then watch a movie (again no problem), when I said yeas he replied "A flag and a movie, what a life!".  It was so cute.  A bit later we went to Target for a few various things and he wanted to get some Halloween socks, no problem once again (after all they were $1), then he absolultly lost it beacuse he could not get both styles he had to choose, all out stomping and tears streaming crying.  So I calmly took both of them away and said maybe we will get them next time when he makes a choice.  He cried all the way through the store, people staring, and I just kept explaining that throwing fits is not the way to get what he wants and if he behaves maybe we can get them next time.  I am happy I did not give in, but man can they be embarassing!


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Shanna Gourley said...

Way to stay strong! It kills me, but I don't want to give in too. No matter how loud they scream I just ignore the people staring at me.