Saturday, April 17, 2010

Needs A Little Work, But He Will Get There

Abe begins T-Ball this coming Monday and last weekend our neighbor Nickey came down and he and Abe were having a catch (Abe 1st "catch" might I add).  He was fully equipped with glove and helmet for the throwing and catching.  Here is one of his first attempts:

Wrong way!

Not looking where the ball is going at all.

Not sure what the whole head between the legs thing is????

Catching did not happen with a much better outcome...

Not even close!

A little closer.

Finally some success...

Ready, set...

And forward momentum!

We will have to work on this part.

Needless to say Abe is very excited about Monday's practice, and I look forward to it too although I know it will be one very long hour!


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