Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Princess and the Frog for $.99!!!!

I went to Target today and picked up the Princess and the Frog for in the end $.99!!!

Here is how I did it:
The DVD (not blu ray) is $15.99 at Target on sale
I used this $10 off coupon (it says blu ray but it scanned w/o problem)
Buy 2 Band Aid Products (I bought Toy Story Band Aids for $1.82 each)
Use these $1 off Band Aids Target coupon 
Use $.50 & $1.00 off Band Aid coupons that were in the Sunday Paper the past two weeks
Then print out this $5 rebate certificate when you buy the Princess and the Frog & 2 Band Aid Products.

In all I will have spent $.99 after the rebate!
If you do not have the Sunday Paper coupons you will have paid $3.50 for the movie, still a great deal!
Still yet if you do not want to mess with the rebate you will only pay $5.99 for the movie with the $10 coupon.


Michelle aka Mommy said...

you are AMAZING! seriously. AMAZING!

Kristin said...

WHAT???? That is incredible. You are a coupon master lady!