Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abe is a Growing boy!

Took Abe to the doctor for his 4 year checkup today. 

At 4 years:

Abe is 37 pounds, and that is at the 59th percentile for weight.

Abe is 41 inches, and that is at the 64th percentile for height.

He got 4 shots ans took them like a champ, a few tears that a special treat took care of.

He also had his Parents as Teachers 4 year screening today, I was so impressed that he was answering questions freely and I did not have to be involved.  He tested mostly at the 5 year old level.  He needs to work on counting objects and writing. 

I am a proud mommy today!


Michelle aka Mommy said...

congrats on growing Mr.Abe (ahem...Abraham)!

Jenn, can you give me info on the PAT thing? i didn't know the city did that. all my friends in SoCo have been donig it for years...but it was always assocaited with the schools, ya know, like Oakville or Fox. who can i talk to in the city about getting Addi on the PAT thing?


Jennifer R. said...

We use Diana from the Meda P Washington School, you can do it for Conner too. Her cell number is 314-277-4036.